New Project Coaching Center

For many years I have been working on a variety of consulting projects with Wayne Strider and Eileen Strider. We have conducted project reviews, project rescues, evaluated implementation plans and worked with sponsors and project managers to organize projects and people for implementation success.

Now, we are embarking on a new venture to bring together those skills and experiences and provide coaching to project managers at all levels in a private Forum at

We wanted to be able to reach more people than we can on a strictly one-on-one basis, although we continue to provide that level of consulting. We wanted to have a place where project managers can interact with us and with each other all through a project, but without the high cost of our individual consulting.

The role of Project Manager can be a lonely one. You are expected to have all the answers and fix all the problems. And sometimes you wish you could just talk with someone, explain your situation and get some solid advice, but without revealing your needs, and perhaps insecurities, to those on your team, or your boss or client. That is what we hope to provide with Project Coaching Center. A place to be with other project managers, to have expert advice from others who have been there, or are there now, doing what you do, dealing with similar issues to yours.

Stop by our website to learn more – we hope you will join us.